Thursday, 18 May 2017


A: Why will there be no post tomorrow?

B: I don't know, A. Why will there be no post tomorrow?

A: Because, after six years, four Bloggie nominations, and 2159 posts, the writer is concluding this blog.

B: You know, you're meant to answer questions with a pun here. Not just bragging.

A: I'm sorry!

B: We talked about this. We agreed you could do the last one. I gave you the set-up and everything.

A: I've never been much good at them.

B: Yeah, you're no pun.

A: There it is!

B: You liked a pun of mine?

A: The thing is, B - we're talking about how close to we are to the end. But I've realised, over these last six years, how close we are to a friend.

B: Aw. That's wholesome. Seems like the writer is in a better place than he was when he started this.

A: Hoo boy, he would not have been able to believe in such a pure and happy statement in those days.

B: I mean, how messed up do you have to be to start a pun blog?

[They both chuckle.]

A: We should thank the readers too.

B: Yes! Thank you for giving us a space to exist, and for helping the writer to learn that he could make things that other people would like and want.

A: What happens next, B?

B: We'll still have our chats - they might not always be recorded in the blog, but we'll exist where we always do.

A: And the writer?

B: I'm sure he'll keep playing with words, even if his thoughts don't appear here every day. He's ending Penguin on Porpoise, but he'll never stop punning on purpose.

[A and B walk off together into the sunset, and if they listen very carefully to the unusual disturbance in the lapping of the ocean to their side, they will hear a small, fat bird squawking with joy as it rides a large, smiling creature, up and down the length of the waves.]

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